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Strathaven Ales

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Our core range of six ales is available all year round and we supplement this with seasonal brews and a few individual ales from time to time.

Main varieties are the malty Old Mortality dark ale, the sweet Clydesdale pale ale, the citrusy Claverhouse red ale, the dark Craigmill Mild and the lightly floral, thirst quenching Duchess Anne blonde ale – a real hit with the traditional lager drinkers. 



4.0% ABV

An amber ale with a stunning floral aroma and a subtle bitter finish.
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Craigmill Mild

SIBA Regional Winner SilverSIBA Regional Winner GoldCraigmill Mild

3.5% ABV
A black ale from a blend of hops producing a chocolate aroma with a subtle orange zest aftertaste.


SIBA Regional Winner BronzeClaverhouse

4.5% ABV
A burnished red ale with a sweet citrus aroma and a lingering malt finish.

Duchess Anne

SIBA Regional Winner BronzeDuchess Anne

3.9% ABV
A straw coloured clear wheat beer with a floral aroma and a thirst quenching flavour.


SIBA Regional Winner GoldSIBA Regional Winner ChampionClydesdale

3.8% ABV
A light pale ale with a grapefruit aroma and a sweet malt finish.

Old Mortality

SIBA Regional Winner SilverOld Mortality

4.2% ABV
A chestnut coloured ale with a well-rounded malty aroma and a rich dried fruit flavour.

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SIBA Independent Beer Awards 2018. Bronze Winner Regional Bottle/Can British Dark Beers (up to 4.4%)SIBA Independent Beer Awards 2018. Silver Winner Regional Cask British Dark Beers (up to 4.4%)