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Strathaven Ales

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The Brewing Process

Three generations of the brewing familyOur brew recipes, which have been developed by Craig Buchanan our brewery manager and now used by his brewer son Ross incorporate only the best of raw ingredients.

We take a blend of crushed malted barley which is delivered fresh to the brew-house for each week’s production, we do not hold vast silos of barley as we believe the fresher we get the raw material into our brew the better the finished ale will be.

Our “mash tun” creaks, groans and squeaks its way through the mashing process where we pass hot water, heated in the first stage of the brew in our stone clad kettle by a live flame in the coil, through the malt to extract the vital sugars essential to the final alcohol content of our ale. This sugary water or “wort” is returned to the kettle and heated before we add the various blends of fine hops to give the ale its unique flavour. 

The next stage is where we filter the liquid which has no alcoholic content at this stage and transfer it to our fermentation tanks where a unique and highly prized yeast is added to start the important process of turning the sugar into alcohol of a particular strength. 

After a period of days when the yeast has done its job and the wort has become beer we chill and “fine” the liquid which captures the used yeast and “clears” the beer before transferring it into the conditioning phase in our 10 tanks. After some days of conditioning the beer is ready for drinking and at this point we transfer our product into cask, keg or bottle to get it to our customers.

Photo shows three generations of the brewing family

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SIBA Independent Beer Awards 2018. Bronze Winner Regional Bottle/Can British Dark Beers (up to 4.4%)SIBA Independent Beer Awards 2018. Silver Winner Regional Cask British Dark Beers (up to 4.4%)